Monday, January 16, 2017

First Transfer

This week was great! So Sister Roylance is getting transferred to Singapore. I think I'm staying here. We have been in a trio for the last few days because Sister Tu hurt her arm again and had to go to Singapore. Good story- I got my feet eaten by fish! Another good story- I met Elder Wong and area Seventy. He showed up at sacrament meeting. It was super awesome. We had to drop Ryan this week because he wasn't in it. It was hard. I cried because I really love Ryan, but then there was a miracle! After saying he wouldn't go to church and getting dropped he showed up because that's what got him serious about this!!! YAYAYAY!! It was the perfect time because Elder Wong was there and said exactly what Ryan needed to here. A funny story- we texted one of our PIs to set up an appointment and he agreed to show up. We went to KL central to meet him and it was the wrong person! A person we contacted on the lrt texted us back at the same time we texted the PI, and we hadn't saved the number so we thought it was him. We were so confused. It was super funny. Instead of a nice Chinese kid we got an Indian Sikh in his 40s who was very opinionated. We laughed so hard after. Happy Birthday Mom and David. I support not having a party of two year olds. That seems like a bad idea. This week we had dinner with a part member family from Sri Lanka. We are super close with them, but have never eaten at their house before. Niranji, Shiromi, and Brother Shiloh informed us that it is Sri Lankan custom to stand around your guests and watch them eat. They then proceeded to do just that. It was awkward but the daal curry was great! Niranji showed us her and Brother Shiloh's wedding photos and they were so beautiful. I want a traditional Sri Lankan wedding now.  This week I got proposed to by a 14 year old that sang me a song about the kota kimbalu mountains and his love. He was very sincere, but I declined. Love you all have a great week!
p.s. I named an abandoned baby because the hospital wanted a white name, and her name is Rachel.


So this week was awesome! We got 9 investigators to church! It was super hard balancing everyone, but we did it! Also this week we ate some good food! Cendol is my new favorite! Roti, kurry mee, Jaya balls, and schwarma are all super good too! We were basically just going between teaching appointments this week, but we were blessed with finding. We actually had a woman chase us down because she heard us talking and liked what we said. She came to sacrament. It was a miracle. Funny story- sister R and I ran into our fourth favorite homeless man. He is this old Indian guy who praises Jesus every other sentence. Legit he crosses himself and prays at every thing you say. He calls us holy people. We took a bus with him. We started teaching this super awesome guy named Ji Fu! He is from China and doesn't speak English very well, but he has the best sense of humor. We introduced him to the elders in our branch and they got so jealous they tried to steal him. Not a chance. He is ours. He learns super well and is progressing. In English class he got up and took my marker away to show me how to draw butterflies right. His were much better than mine. Our least favorite bus driver kind of kidnapped us a little bit this week. He wouldn't let us off the bus. I was super mad and chewed him out in bahasa. After that though our favorite bus driver picked us up and shared his sunflower seeds. Like the next day.  Sister Roylance and I got dumped on and almost drowned this week. After five minutes it was like we'd been standing in the shower. 
Sayang semua kamu!
Sister Bithell

Happy New Year!

A city in a jungle
So far 2016 has been the best of my life! I just want to share a quick story from this week. Here in KL there is a man that is very special to me. His name is Wilfred. He is a 6'2", Indian homeless man. He has a remarkable gift where he can sit down and play any song he's ever heard on basically any instrument. He is very special. Sister R and I met him on the bus a few weeks ago, and we run into him every few days. The first time we met him we both had an incredible feeling around him. When you see him you automatically feel that he's a son of God and see his divine potential. Tuesday night we ran into him contacting and both felt it was right to stay. We sat with him on the street. He told us about his dead mother, and his life, and talked about music then we taught him a lesson and sang primary songs to him. If you told me this time a year ago I would spend my night in Malaysia singing primary songs with a homeless man. I would have said you were crazy, but here I am. He came to all three hours of church on Sunday. He learned more humbly and asked more sincere questions than anyone I've ever met. I never imagined that I would be friends and care deeply about a homeless man in Malaysia. I never imagined this would be where my life went, but I'm so glad God sent me here. He knows more than we do and I trust in Him. His plan was so much greater than mine. Love you all. Happy New Year!!! Also sorry didn't do great with pictures this week so I took this walking to the internet cafe.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry no letter last week - no time! Some highlights since then were getting lost in a Chinese graveyard, going to a big Indian party (It's legit just like bollywood), eating a whole frog with chopsticks and a spoon, caroling to old people, and hitting a monkey over the head with a Book of Mormon. This mission is unique. I love it. We took our investigator to the baptism of one of our good friends Sister Ima on Christmas Eve she bore a beautiful testimony. There was not a dry eye in the chapel. She is very short. Asia is very short. I hit my head a lot. ​We were in a slump for lessons this week, but we had great finding. We are teaching the Restoration at least 7 times this week. Honestly I love finding because that's where I feel the most guided and see the most miracles. I do awkward things for finding. I jumped off a train yesterday. It was moving. My companion wasn't thrilled about that one, but once we talked to the guy she forgave me. He was sitting there smoking, praying that God would send someone because he felt alone. He has gone to many churches and wants a relationship with God. He desperately wants to stop smoking. I feel so blessed to meet him. We meet a lot of people with those needs. We meet young mothers that feel desperate. teenagers contemplating life, and many who have just suffered a death. We don't end up teaching a lot of them past the restoration, but that is ok. Someday they will accept and at the time we were where God needed us. I love being a missionary. The food is very good. A nice family named the Whitakers had all the KL missionaries over for Christmas. They fed us food and bore their testimonies. Christmas in Malaysia is different. It's not white and a lot of people don't celebrate, but it has been one of my favorite Christmases ever. I will hold this one close to my heart. Remember Christ, Remember His Condescension. He suffered for all you. He knows you all. Through faith in Him we will all see miracles. Sayang Semua Kamu.
Sister Bithell

Sister Ima's baptism

A Hard Week

This week has been difficult. There were good things, but almost all our investigators dropped us. Literally all but 2 appointments fell through. It was very hot. We ate some really good food. We had dragon fruit. We had some Indian stuff. We had nasi chompor and satay. The satay was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.  You asked about my mission president. I've met the Simmons only twice. Because the mission is like three in one, interaction is pretty rare but they are very nice. We rely a more on the senior couples. The Colemans, and the Pattersons live in our building. We are very close to them. They are like sweet mission grandparents. Our branch is small. We own a part of a strip mall. Our directory is five printed out pages and only about 30 active members. Our entire branch has 7 priesthood holders and we lost two this week because they moved. So now we only have 5 priesthood holders. I really love sister Kim who is about to have a baby, Sister Poh Pong who was called as a Relief Society president this week when our last one, Sister Larsen moved back to Utah, and Sister Monique. She is a super sassy Chinese woman and she gave the missionaries lots of soap for Christmas. Christmas may end up being a long day of contacting which I'm kind of sad about. However, it will be good. My foot and Sister Tu's shoulder are much better. 
We teach in four languages so there's a lot of struggling with that, but honestly it's really fun. I no longer have any patience for people who say it was hard to learn Spanish though. In our mission it never stops. As soon as you get good with one language you have to learn another. Basically you will never run out of new languages you need and half of your investigators won't have a language in common. In someways it actually makes it easier. We have to focus more on teaching with the spirit than the language. Funny story this week. We live next to a driving school and they have a giant drive safe sign. This week a car hit the drive safe sign head on. It was pretty ironic. Right now our remaining investigators are Ryan (Chinese), Shiromi (Sri Lankan), Riska (Indonesian), and Carmen (Phillipino). Riska is a domestic helper which is someone who comes over and works as a domestic maid. It is a very hard life and most of them leave family behind. On new years we are meeting with one I found at a bus stop named Lita. Her two kids are in the Phillipines and her husband is here, but due to their work she only sees him twice a month. There is so much work to be done here. There are so many people that need the gospel. Our branch has so many needs. Everyone we talk with deals with addiction. There is lots of abuse. Lots of poverty. Also a lot of people who are witches and stuff so thats fun to deal with. It's overwhelming and very humbling. I feel like these people need a missionary who is a lot better than me. They need someone that can really help with the miracles they need. That's ok though because it's not me it's Christ. I can't do literally anything so I'm going to have a lot of faith.