Monday, March 13, 2017

Chinese New Year

This week was awesome! It was the end of Chinese New Year so there were a lot of lion dances and dragon dances! The funniest one was a dragon dance that happened right outside our apartment in the parking lot of a driving school. We watched from the balcony and all these poor little nervous drivers were trying to navigate their way around a dragon and some drummers. 

Ji Fu is getting antied at work and that is really hard for him. It's worse because he lives with 17 of his coworkers. So my favorite people in PJ are Indians. I think I told mom once that I thought a mission in India would be super cool, but they don't send sisters there. Our mission actually still included all of India back in 2012. Anyway most missionaries like to work with the Chinese but I was totally sent here for the Indians. The Ravis are one of my favorite Indian families have invited us over to dress up in saris later. Brother Ravi keeps making me profiles on Indian dating websites. He is trying to arrange a marriage for me because "those white boys are no good! You need a nice Indian man!" It's an adventure, but if I don't get him under control I may find myself transferred:/ I don't want to be transferred because I love PJ and I love sister cloud we are legit best friends and we work so hard. Saturday we managed to contact 56 people and teach 4 lessons. We are a very productive companionship. We are flying to Singapore this week for zone conference. We may end up having to make a chop to Indonesia while we are there, but we are trying to avoid it. I'd love to go to Indonesia, but it's hard to take 3 days away from your area. We have a lot of lessons to teach. We got special permission to do half studies on Tuesday and Wednesday so that we can do more meetings, and today we are only taking a 6 hour pday! Sister Burton the general relief society president is coming to Malaysia for 2 days and we are going see her teach! I love you I love missionary work! Also my Tamil is getting pretty good. My Malay still sucks though.


So this week we ate a lot of food! Yesterday we had three dinner appointments with members in the branch to bring investigators to so we ate three dinners. It was so good, but also I almost puked it was so much food! I ate fish heads and they were super good! We also had a branch hike that Ryan and Ji Fu came to! Ji Fu loves our branch and our branch loves him. Everyone is excited for his baptism. Ji Fu is so humble. When we first taught law of chastity and word of wisdom he said "No! thats not true!". Then we told him to pray, and he said he knew they were right and started to live them. Yesterday we asked him how Law of chastity was, and he said "I am living it. It is Awesome!!!!;D" this was via text. He makes me laugh. We got lost in a Hindu cemetery. We took the picture then got chased out by 3 super mangy dogs. We also found a four ringet banana leaf place by the church, and I'm never eating anything else again. I love being a missionary. I love our trio! I love my investigators. I know that there are a lot of good strong solid missionaries out there who are much better than I and it means the world that God has let me meet mine here. It means so much that he has trusted me with these people. I love the gospel. I know it's true. I know that no matter what out trials our Heavenly Father will put us on his shoulders and carry us home. I know this because every day here He carries me, He carries my companions, and He carries my investigators. I love Malaysia. I love Petaling Jaya. Miss and love you all. Sayang Kamu,

Sister Bithell

Apa Khabar Everyone!

Shiromi and Niranj

This week was a good week. It was Chinese new year which made it hard to proselyte because no one can meet till Chinese new year is over and all the Chinese people (not muslim) are in their kapongs. It was still a lot of fun though. We were gonna go to brother Ravi's nieces coming of age party but there was a small monsoon so we couldn't make it. We are working with Ryan a lot. He wants to be baptized because he believes in Christ and he knows he needs baptism. The problem is that he doesn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon or this church. We are just the first to offer to dunk him. It's frustrating because I love him and really want him to let this change his life but he is passive. Sister Roylance, Sister Cloud, and I are still working as a trio because she is still waiting on her workers permit to go to Singapore. Trios are interesting, but hopefully she can go soon. Sister Tu finally made it home to Australia for her surgery. Sister Kunie emails me every week from KK and I miss her dearly. Ji Fu is my miracle of the week. Ji Fu makes everything worth it. Sometimes I struggle to understand him because of the language barrier so I've been praying to understand him. This week the Lord answered that prayer. While teaching a lesson as I was trying to understand Ji Fu I did understand him. I understood other stuff too. For a minute the Lord gave me a flash of what it's like to be Ji Fu. For just a minute I understood what it's like to be 26, and Chinese, raised by cotton farmers. I felt what it's like to miss his two brothers, to worry about his parents, and to bike to Tibet. Ji Fu is kind of a free spirit. He does stuff like that. He biked to Tibet, visited India, and last year spontaneously moved to Malaysia. I'm almost completely sure he moved here to find us. Since then Ji Fu and I have understood each other perfectly. The spirit makes languages a lot easier. Anyway Ji Fu reads every day and prays every day so Sister Cloud asked if he had prayed for an answer. He said no. She started going off on him but I asked why not. He said the sweetest words I've ever heard. "I already know it's true." Those words are the best thing I ever could have heard. We still have a little bit to teach him, but he is prepared and ready. He also gave us red envelopes for Chinese new year. We visited Niranji and Shiromi and after their grieving period is over Shiromi will be baptized as well. Sister Cloud is a military child her family is currently in Germany. She is a little boy crazy, but a really good missionary. I really like her as a person too. She is easy to get along with and not super high strung. That was a relief. My favorite food of the week is kuey and nasi lemak. They are delicious.  I'm trying my best every day. I love you and miss you all. Hati hati jangan mati.

Me with Ji Fu