Thursday, May 18, 2017

Selemat Hari Ibu 5/14/17

This week was a great week. Sister Cranston and I experienced a lot of cool miracles. Adelynn, in the top pictures, decided she wants to be baptized next transfer! Justina and fam, one below, picked a date too! We went into the lesson to drop her and instead she put herself on date without us challenging her! She is so special! Gawai preperations are starting. It's the harvest festival and we are way excited. We have several weeks and we have all ready been invited to 4 different houses. We are practicing the ngajat and stretching our stomachs. Last p-day we hiked this way cool waterfall and it was pouring rain the whole way up. This pday we are taking a nap and eating food. Funny story a few of our investigators have shortened my very hard name to "Sister Hell" I'm getting my new name badges next week and I'm way stoked to be "Sister Bell". The sister hell thing is even more ironic because right now I'm serving in the same zone as Elder Loosefer. It's very hot, and very rainy, and life is all good. We are seeing a lot of cool miracles. Also this week I had to eat pigs feet. They were better than chicken feet, but worse than snake. Love you all,
Sister Bithell
p.s. Quote of the week: Malaysia is basically Florida, we both have gators. At least we aren't France. All they have is frogs. - Sister Cardon

I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars 5/7/17

So this week was crazy! I love biking and we have been in some beautiful areas. Sister Cranston and I like to sing hymns while we bike and it is way fun! Also we went to Singapore for zone conference. It was cool, but I wanted to be back in Kuching. I learned a lot though! So funny story of the week we were at the church and I went to open the fridge and suddenly a live fish flips off the shelf and hits me in the face. I'm terrified because I have no idea what just hit me in the face and I'd already killed one snake that day so I scream and kick the fish as hard as I can. Sister Cranston has no clue what's happening and chucks her Bible towards the direction of the mayhem as hard as she can. The Bible finds my face and everyone in the church comes running. Sister Anita (who loves me because I look just like the Malaysian depiction of Mary, mother of Christ) leaps forward and grabs what is apparently her fish and starts shouting "nakal nakal jangan keluar!" and wrangling this giant fish which she was planning to cook. Later that night I ate that fish. Basically that moment summarizes what serving is Kuching is like. As we were leaving the church half an house later we discovered that Sister Itong was selling live fish from a bucket just outside the church door. It was amusing. Spiritual thought this week comes from  a conference talk I forget which one "sometimes the greatest form of charity is to withhold judgment". It's true. The more we understand people the more we love them. The more we love the happier we will be. Never hesitate to love someone. I love you all! 
​Love My comp and Singapore! (Sorry we look so haggard-that was our third country of the day)


​Why is my companion so darn beautiful???

I Sangat Letih 5/1/17

So this has been a great week! We are working with three new investigators named Justina, Adalynn and Wei Wei! We discovered half our branch was baptized when they were still seven. Also I'm in Singapore now. Sister Cranston and I will return in four days after zone conference. It keeps raining but it's also to hot and I love biking. Funny story of the week. I had to eat snake. It's ok though because they gave us delicious kuey afterwards. 

 Me pulling the boa to get to Jestina's house the boat is to the middle of the left.

​Six month celebration cake with sister cranston and sister cardon!​ Yay batchmates!


Kuching 4/16/17

So I'm in Kuching now and I am head over heels in love with this area! I'm with Sister Cranston from the MTC and she is wonderful! Her Malay is awesome and her Iban is not too shabby also. I'm on a bike now which I also love. Biking is basically the best thing to ever happen to missionaries. Also Kuching is way less hot than KL and way more pretty. The members here are great too! Story of the week! We were less active hunting this woman named Yinnie so we knocked the door that was supposed to be hers only to find a salty Anglican man who told us that a Mormon named Millie worked at the fish market. Sure enough we jalaned to the fish market and we found a woman named Millie who has not been to church is five years because she goes back to her kampong (hometown) every weekend. Anyway wasn't a lot we could do there so we pulled out the branch list and she was able to give us the new updated addresses of over 20 of our less actives that she is still close too. About ten of them are back deep in the jungle so we can't really do anything there, but we went to visit another one in foochow right nearby. Anyway we got to the house and they were not home but their 15 year old neighbor was out riding his bike. Anyway we told him what we were doing and he said he was Christian too and went in and asked his parents if they wanted to learn. They did not. So after that he spent the next two hours biking us to the houses of all his Christian friends to see if they wanted to learn. We found the Chinese sisters three new investigators. It was quite the miracle! Anyway I love this area and love all you! Don't forget to pray! 
Sister Bithell  

Close to where we found millie

View from the apartment

We tried taking a cute comp picture

Sangat Comel 4/2/17

This week was a great week! We started teaching a woman from the Czech Republic named Marcela. She is one of our LA's sister in laws. We also did a ward activity called "Walk With Christ". Missionaries were the primary cast. The Subang elders gave Nephi a traditional Iban twist with a conch shell and a bommerang. Elder Bonrostro was portraying some prophet, but he looked like hairy potter. Sister Tony Was Pilate's wife with a Muslim twist and Brandon Van Cott wore the family rug. We also had a problem with the Apostle John (bottom left) doing magic tricks, but the kids loved it. Basically PJ branch is just super cool!!! Shirley is still making fun of our costumes though. Working hard, teaching lots, eating great food. Love you all!
Sister Bithell
PS. I befriended a monkey

Five Months Out! Lima Bulan! 3/26/17

So this week was great! Shirley got baptized. Elliot, an RC of 1 month baptized her. It was an awesome experience for both of them. Except when Elliot tried to dunk her she forgot to hold his arm so he dropped her and she punched him going down. They are laughing about it now though. Also we went to Batu caves, saw the monkey king and befriended monkeys. We also took all the RC's and investigators to Sister Moniques to eat roast duck and play charades. Life is great and I love PJ!
Love you all!
Sister Bithell

I Rode an Ostrich 3/13/17

So basically I hit the highest point of my entire life this week. Riding an ostrich is a little like riding a giant scary potato. I'm not sure how to describe it better. In other news we are still trio training, and Jifu got the priesthood. He is a saint. He keeps asking for a calling and he is mad he has to wait a year to go to the temple. 
Sayang semua kamu!
Sister Bithell

Training Trio and a Baptism 3/5/17

So those are the highlights of this week! Sister Cloud and I are staying in Petaling Jaya another transfer and surprise! We are training a native greenie who never went to the MTC. We are training her in a trio. I finished my training Wednesday and then started training her on Thursday. Her name is Sister Tony. She is 4 feet 11 inches tall and 80 pounds. She is awesome and with her my Malay is progressing so fast! It's increased like 50% of what it was in the MTC in the past week! Thank goodness! Also Ji Fu was baptized this week! It almost didn't happen! the day before he texted us and said he needed to talk. He was in danger of being fired if he was baptized. We challenged him to go home and pray. He did. He felt he needed to be baptized. He was baptized and due to some miracles everything worked out with his job:) Funny story of the week. Earlier we tried to find a less active and we ended up attending a random Filipino, Indian, Czechoslovakian, and Bengali birthday party. It was the most unique finding opportunity of my life. Love you all!
Sister Bithell

Also Sister Tan visited for four days to interview for her visa and she baked a cake

Playing Dress-up 2/27/17

This week was crazy. Just look at the pictures and draw your own conclusion. Transfer news. We are staying here but in a trio again. This is my fourth trio.

2 Countries in 3 Days 2/19/17

So this week was awesome! Last pday we saw Sister Burton the general relief society president spea. She was amazing! On Thursday we had to fly to Singapore for zone conference. It was awesome. Sister Cloud and I had a flight that arrived at 9am but zone conference didn't start until 6pm so we did a contacting, sight-seeing blitz and worked our way across Singapore. We went to little India, Arab street, the murrels, the merlion, Chinatown, a museum, and the big boat on the buildings that is a garden. It was awesome. We also taught someone a first lesson and then passed them to the Filipino sisters. It was fun, but we really just wanted to be back in our area. There is a lot of good stuff going on with PJ and we missed out investigators. Cute story- our investigator Ji Fu met one of the KL elders' investigators who got baptized Saturday at a ysa activity and now they are dating! This is possibly one of the best things to ever happen. Anyway when we got back on Saturday we made it home by 4, but the elders had to reenter the country through Kuching and their investigator Elliot was getting baptized at 7. They kind of forgot to plan the baptism though (they are awesome, just flaky) so Sister Cloud and I managed to plan a baptism in 3 hours. They made it back just in time to preform the baptism and it was actually really good. We even had a musical number. It was even better because We got to teach Elliot a couple lessons after the elders got chopped on their last visa run. Elliot is really awesome. He has a powerful testimony and on Sunday he gave one of the best testimonies I have ever heard. He is going to Kentucky for school in march. If anyone is in Kentucky let me know! Love you all!