Thursday, May 18, 2017

2 Countries in 3 Days 2/19/17

So this week was awesome! Last pday we saw Sister Burton the general relief society president spea. She was amazing! On Thursday we had to fly to Singapore for zone conference. It was awesome. Sister Cloud and I had a flight that arrived at 9am but zone conference didn't start until 6pm so we did a contacting, sight-seeing blitz and worked our way across Singapore. We went to little India, Arab street, the murrels, the merlion, Chinatown, a museum, and the big boat on the buildings that is a garden. It was awesome. We also taught someone a first lesson and then passed them to the Filipino sisters. It was fun, but we really just wanted to be back in our area. There is a lot of good stuff going on with PJ and we missed out investigators. Cute story- our investigator Ji Fu met one of the KL elders' investigators who got baptized Saturday at a ysa activity and now they are dating! This is possibly one of the best things to ever happen. Anyway when we got back on Saturday we made it home by 4, but the elders had to reenter the country through Kuching and their investigator Elliot was getting baptized at 7. They kind of forgot to plan the baptism though (they are awesome, just flaky) so Sister Cloud and I managed to plan a baptism in 3 hours. They made it back just in time to preform the baptism and it was actually really good. We even had a musical number. It was even better because We got to teach Elliot a couple lessons after the elders got chopped on their last visa run. Elliot is really awesome. He has a powerful testimony and on Sunday he gave one of the best testimonies I have ever heard. He is going to Kentucky for school in march. If anyone is in Kentucky let me know! Love you all!

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