Thursday, May 18, 2017

I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars 5/7/17

So this week was crazy! I love biking and we have been in some beautiful areas. Sister Cranston and I like to sing hymns while we bike and it is way fun! Also we went to Singapore for zone conference. It was cool, but I wanted to be back in Kuching. I learned a lot though! So funny story of the week we were at the church and I went to open the fridge and suddenly a live fish flips off the shelf and hits me in the face. I'm terrified because I have no idea what just hit me in the face and I'd already killed one snake that day so I scream and kick the fish as hard as I can. Sister Cranston has no clue what's happening and chucks her Bible towards the direction of the mayhem as hard as she can. The Bible finds my face and everyone in the church comes running. Sister Anita (who loves me because I look just like the Malaysian depiction of Mary, mother of Christ) leaps forward and grabs what is apparently her fish and starts shouting "nakal nakal jangan keluar!" and wrangling this giant fish which she was planning to cook. Later that night I ate that fish. Basically that moment summarizes what serving is Kuching is like. As we were leaving the church half an house later we discovered that Sister Itong was selling live fish from a bucket just outside the church door. It was amusing. Spiritual thought this week comes from  a conference talk I forget which one "sometimes the greatest form of charity is to withhold judgment". It's true. The more we understand people the more we love them. The more we love the happier we will be. Never hesitate to love someone. I love you all! 
​Love My comp and Singapore! (Sorry we look so haggard-that was our third country of the day)


​Why is my companion so darn beautiful???

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