Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kuching 4/16/17

So I'm in Kuching now and I am head over heels in love with this area! I'm with Sister Cranston from the MTC and she is wonderful! Her Malay is awesome and her Iban is not too shabby also. I'm on a bike now which I also love. Biking is basically the best thing to ever happen to missionaries. Also Kuching is way less hot than KL and way more pretty. The members here are great too! Story of the week! We were less active hunting this woman named Yinnie so we knocked the door that was supposed to be hers only to find a salty Anglican man who told us that a Mormon named Millie worked at the fish market. Sure enough we jalaned to the fish market and we found a woman named Millie who has not been to church is five years because she goes back to her kampong (hometown) every weekend. Anyway wasn't a lot we could do there so we pulled out the branch list and she was able to give us the new updated addresses of over 20 of our less actives that she is still close too. About ten of them are back deep in the jungle so we can't really do anything there, but we went to visit another one in foochow right nearby. Anyway we got to the house and they were not home but their 15 year old neighbor was out riding his bike. Anyway we told him what we were doing and he said he was Christian too and went in and asked his parents if they wanted to learn. They did not. So after that he spent the next two hours biking us to the houses of all his Christian friends to see if they wanted to learn. We found the Chinese sisters three new investigators. It was quite the miracle! Anyway I love this area and love all you! Don't forget to pray! 
Sister Bithell  

Close to where we found millie

View from the apartment

We tried taking a cute comp picture

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