Thursday, May 18, 2017

Selemat Hari Ibu 5/14/17

This week was a great week. Sister Cranston and I experienced a lot of cool miracles. Adelynn, in the top pictures, decided she wants to be baptized next transfer! Justina and fam, one below, picked a date too! We went into the lesson to drop her and instead she put herself on date without us challenging her! She is so special! Gawai preperations are starting. It's the harvest festival and we are way excited. We have several weeks and we have all ready been invited to 4 different houses. We are practicing the ngajat and stretching our stomachs. Last p-day we hiked this way cool waterfall and it was pouring rain the whole way up. This pday we are taking a nap and eating food. Funny story a few of our investigators have shortened my very hard name to "Sister Hell" I'm getting my new name badges next week and I'm way stoked to be "Sister Bell". The sister hell thing is even more ironic because right now I'm serving in the same zone as Elder Loosefer. It's very hot, and very rainy, and life is all good. We are seeing a lot of cool miracles. Also this week I had to eat pigs feet. They were better than chicken feet, but worse than snake. Love you all,
Sister Bithell
p.s. Quote of the week: Malaysia is basically Florida, we both have gators. At least we aren't France. All they have is frogs. - Sister Cardon

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