Thursday, May 18, 2017

Training Trio and a Baptism 3/5/17

So those are the highlights of this week! Sister Cloud and I are staying in Petaling Jaya another transfer and surprise! We are training a native greenie who never went to the MTC. We are training her in a trio. I finished my training Wednesday and then started training her on Thursday. Her name is Sister Tony. She is 4 feet 11 inches tall and 80 pounds. She is awesome and with her my Malay is progressing so fast! It's increased like 50% of what it was in the MTC in the past week! Thank goodness! Also Ji Fu was baptized this week! It almost didn't happen! the day before he texted us and said he needed to talk. He was in danger of being fired if he was baptized. We challenged him to go home and pray. He did. He felt he needed to be baptized. He was baptized and due to some miracles everything worked out with his job:) Funny story of the week. Earlier we tried to find a less active and we ended up attending a random Filipino, Indian, Czechoslovakian, and Bengali birthday party. It was the most unique finding opportunity of my life. Love you all!
Sister Bithell

Also Sister Tan visited for four days to interview for her visa and she baked a cake

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