Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gawai 5/28/17

So this week was awesome. Sister Thomas from the MTC moved into our apartment so almost our whole MTC group is together again (Sister Leaupepe and Sister Egan y'all need to come to Kuching- it's a party here). We make a lot of community curry at lunch. We all hit our seven month mark together. Also it's Gawai, the Dayak harvest festival and that is basically all that's gonna happen this week. I feel like the following pictures accurately explain Gawai. Last week our branch had it's preparing for Gawai party; this week we are having the Gawai party; next week we are having our end of Gawai party. In the middle of these parties nobody wants to meet and learn so Sister Cranston and I are just going to a bunch of members' and investigators' Gawai parties to see if the other people at their parties want to learn about how the restored gospel of Jesus Christ can bless their families. It's gonna be way fun, but I'm a little afraid because I'm scheduled to eat 8-10 dinners every day. Quote of the week "It's an FFA power grab!"- Sister Thomas. Love you all! Selamat hari gawai!!!

Sister Bithell

Inline image 1Sister Thomas in a pujabiInline image 2

                                               Party apartment
​                                               English class
                                ​Gawai, except Sister Chan because she is Chinese and dressed accordingly

Miracle of the Week 5/21/17

Miracles of this week is that Sister Cranston and I were biking wayyyyyy fast to make it to an appiontment on time and we were on a highway. I hit a patch of sand and my bike went down to my left which means straight into traffic. I felt my elbow scrape the street and then I was straight back up on my bike again just in time for a car to speed by. I have a nice gash on my elbow to prove it. So now I know it's true the Lord protects his missionaries. I'm waiting on transfer news right now and I'm mildly terrified. I think Sister Cranston is probably going which means I'm getting someone new, but I'll be happy regardless, because I didn't know true joy until I served a mission and I can feel true joy no matter who my companion is or how many investigators I have.