Saturday, June 3, 2017

Miracle of the Week 5/21/17

Miracles of this week is that Sister Cranston and I were biking wayyyyyy fast to make it to an appiontment on time and we were on a highway. I hit a patch of sand and my bike went down to my left which means straight into traffic. I felt my elbow scrape the street and then I was straight back up on my bike again just in time for a car to speed by. I have a nice gash on my elbow to prove it. So now I know it's true the Lord protects his missionaries. I'm waiting on transfer news right now and I'm mildly terrified. I think Sister Cranston is probably going which means I'm getting someone new, but I'll be happy regardless, because I didn't know true joy until I served a mission and I can feel true joy no matter who my companion is or how many investigators I have. 

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